Grooves From The Grave: Mutants, Slashers, Zombies and Enraged Lovecraftian Deities

by Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad

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released April 21, 2014

Mixed & Mastered by Ricardo Ponte.
All tracks recorded at Ruin It Yourself Studios, except the guitar reamps and drums, recorded at Broadband Studio between 2012 and 2013 and Mario vocal tracks, recorded by Ronnie Bjornstrom somewhere in Sweden.
Album cover by Paulo Rocker.

David Athias - Vocals; Guitar track in Reality Check
Victor "XXL" Hormidas - Guitars; Drums; Bass in Last Song
Lucas Cuesta - Bass

Guest Musicians:

César Zolhof - Synths in "Vietkong Anarchy", "Demolition Derby pt.I" and "All Hallows Eve"
D.M. - Guest vocals in "At The Mountains of Madness"
Fábio "Marreco" Cota - Solo in Demolition Derby pt.II
Francisco Raupp - Production and Programming in "Move it, Groove it!"
Mário Santos-Ramos - Guest Vocals in "All Hallows Eve"
Marcel Papa, Luís Pellicano e Leonardo Mota - Backing vocals in "Demolition Derby pt.II"
Pablo Lionço - Guest vocals in "The Awakening of Cthulhu"
Renata Huren - Guest vocals in "Move it, Groove it!"



all rights reserved


Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad Brasilia, Brazil

Formed in the year of 2010, in the city of Brasília-DF, Brazil, Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad is a brazilian band with horror movie/comic books oriented lyrics and no specific subgenre to define their music. From 80's thrash metal to stoner/sludge from the 90's, the music is as sincere and passionate as art is supposed to be. ... more

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Track Name: Rise Of The Apes
Medical experiments without regrets
Using third world population as lab rats
Science playing God for profit
Breeding hybrids of ape and man
War trump for developed nations
Turned into a global threat

This is a new age
A bestial revenge
Mankind final days
The rise of the apes

Soon the new breed rebelled against mankind
They will not rest until all of them die
World cities are crumbling down
A war for supremacy
Creation against creator
The end of humanity

Chorus 2x

Welcome to the third world!

Medical experiments without regrets
Using third world population as lab rats
Science playing God for profit
Breeding hybrids of ape and man
War trump for developed nations
Turned into a global threat

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Demolition Derby pt.I
Unrestrained pandemy
Hell is here for you to see
The deadly plague is everywhere
Now it's time to say your prayers

The living dead have taken over the street
Feeding on what's left of the human breed
Step up! Come on! Prepare for war!
It's a global demolition derby holocaust!

Disarray, lunacy
We must struggle to resist
This is a war we cannot escape
So grab a gun and shot 'em straight



Time for you to leave the world you knew behind
Follow 32 rules and maybe you'll survive
I know things won't ever be they were before
But I'd rather be a soldier than a victim of war
If there's any chance to make these motherfuckers withdrawl
Damn, I'll take my chances with my shotgun and my chainsaw!

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Reality Check
I was locked inside my world
Full of expectations and high hopes
I've tried so hard to fit their molds
But couldn't handle with the words I've heard

Wake up, the dream is over
No fairy tales
Wake up, the dream is over
Don't go astray

All I wanted, all I needed
Crashed before my eyes
All I wanted, all I needed
Seemed a waste of time

And then I've seen how I was wrong
Chasing status like a cheap-ass whore
But when I found myself alone
My inner voice could finally be heard


Here I stand, bold and defiant
Punching the edge of the knife
If I have to bleed all the way to my goal
I'll do it until I die!
Fuck all the trends, the media and the critics
You talentless pieces of shit
This is my truth, my heart and sould
Not a number one billboard hit!
Track Name: The Awakening Of Cthulhu
The time has come
The ancient one
Has risen from the sea
No beast or man
Can make a stand
Against his frantic spree

The insurgence of the doomsday cult
The whole world is under attack
A fishman army awaits for their god
Killing the ones who oppose his path

Rise, Cthulhu! Rise!
Feast upon mankind!
Rise, Cthulhu! Rise
Hear our call tonight!

All hope is gone
The ancient one
Returned to rule this place
All structures fall
World leaders crawl
Accepting their new fate

Chaos prevails, fear takes control
Most drown in a colossal tide
The few survivors have nowhere to go
It's the extinction of mankind




He's awaken, he's awakened!
Everybody dies!
He's awaken, he's awakened!
Track Name: Book of The Dead
Inside an isolated cabin
Into the hills of Tennessee
We played an old K-7
And set kandarian demons free

One by one, my friends got possessed
Our weekend getaway turned into a bloodshed
My sister was raped, became a living dead
My girlfriend tried to kill me and I cut off her head

Damn, the key to end this is the book of the dead
I must try to reverse the enchantment we had cast

Outside the diabolic cabin
The sun was shining through the trees
Just when I thought that it was over
The demons came back after me

They couldn't get me but my hand got possessed
I had to cut it off and had a chainsaw attached
When I found the lost pages of the book of the dead
I was dragged into a vortex, straight into the past


Iron Maiden wannabe riffs

Track Name: Demolition Derby pt.II
I have survived a massacre
And decided to get armed to the teeth
Damn, everytime I close my eyes
I can see them slaughter my family

Pre chorus:
Hear me now, I won't back down
My hate feeds my will to resist
Hear me now, I won't back down
I will make them learn payback is a bitch

The blood that runs inside my veins
Feels like high octane gasoline
Ignite, propel and accelerate
It's time for demolition derby!

When desperation took control
Suicide stole lives in a bliss
Blood sucking creatures steamrolled the world
Now it's time give 'em bullets to eat




Suddenly my life became a living hell
You will never know how deep was the pain I've felt
Survive ain't easy when you're on your own
You must know the time to shoot and also when to run
It's the way I deal with what's in my way
That determines if I'll live to see another day
There's no time for tears, a pure display of strength
From now on I am the predator and they're the prey

Track Name: High On Fire
The high priests of Yog Sothoth command the ceremony
Human lives will be sacrificed without parsimony

Black sun in crimson skies announce his arrival
Congeries of iridescent globes upsurge in the horizon

The dark procession of the damned devouts will march abroad
Celebrating our last twilight, all hail Yog Sothoth

The gate is open for the beyond one
No turning back cos' now the curse is done
The sky is burning in a funeral pyre
Behold the outer God high on fire!

A dozen virgins were sacrificed to feed the sacred fire
Their damned souls freed the elder god from his long exile

Black sun in crimson skies announce his arrival
Congeries of iridescent globes upsurge in the horizon

The dark procession of the damned devouts will march abroad
Celebrating our last twilight, all hail Yog Sothoth


Hail The New God Rising! 6x
Track Name: All Hallows Eve
October 31 1963
The angel faced devil child broke his leash
His evil dark twisted soul was finally free
As he stabbed his sister and watched her bleed

Better run for your life
Find a place to hide
Always be prepared
Cos he'll find you, baby!
You can kneel, cry
Beg for your life
Know that you are dead
Cos' he wants you, baby!

All Hallows Eve! All Hallows Eve!

October 31 1978
The boogeyman returns to fullfill his fate
He doesn't care how many lives he has to take
Until he gets what he wants no one is safe



Scream solo

Track Name: At The Mountains of Madness
An expedition to Antarctica
From Miskatonic University
Their findings were just the start
of a journey filled with tragedies

Ancient life forms from immemorial times
Unveiling secrets that no one should know
Seeking for more Professor Lake and his party
Went further on the ice plateaus
Their camp was thrashed, some were brutally murdered
And some specimens disappeared
When the two found out about their slaughtered peers
Truth was finally becoming clear

Run away, fools
Run away, cos...

You're at the mountains of madness
A God forgotten site
You're at the mountains of madness
A hell of snow and ice

The two survivors flew over the mountains
and found a city made of stone
Within its corridors, on its the walls
They saw a story that's been never told

The Elder Things were the creators of life,
They were the first to live on planet Earth
But once shoggoths insurged and Cthulhu arrived
They have retreated to the underworld
There's a greater evil that dwells in these mountains
And his power cannot be contained
The two were able to escape to warn the entire world
To never step into that place again!



“It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth's dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be left alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.”
H.P. Lovecraft "At The Mountains of Madness"
Track Name: Last Song + surprise
All those who sail on the seven seas
Hope not to meet these deceiving beasts
They'll lure all your shipmen to certain death
Drown one by one and then feast on their flesh

The demons sing out loud in the choir of the damned
Driving so many quests to a sudden tragic end
Turn away, to live you must cover your ears
Cos if you don't, it will be the last song that you hear

Angelical voices, demonic souls
Smile like new friends and betray like old foes
Seducing and charming the unadvised men
The ones who dive in won't get back to the land